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ARS would like you to follow our journey from concept to reality as we attempt to become the next big thing in the world of customer service and delivery.

Black History Month Story Idea

Come out and interview owner and founder Bill Stamps about taking a start up business from concept to reality.  Most small businesses fail. Some never even get off the ground. We are currently in the process of negotiating with property owners and managers to land exclusive contracts to be their delivery service provider.  If you come out, we can do a ride along to show how the process works.

Obviously we want the business to be successful, but aside from that I would also like to be an example to other African Americans by showing that we can own our own businesses. Many minorities come to the U.S from countries where they were used to doing business on the streets and basically being their own boss. People here aren't used to that and therefore don't try or think it's too hard. As a member of the media you can help me change that perception by showing someone like me actually doing it. Everyone with dark skin doesn't have to be a rapper or athlete.







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